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Bricklaying, extensions, porches, walls and more from Dublin Bricklayers

Bricklaying and the tasks associated with it is one of the oldest skills and trades in the world. Carried out by skilled tradesman whose job has not changed all that much over the years - working in blistering heat, wind and rain yet one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. Here at Dublin Bricklayers, we believe in sharing the skills and expertise we have gathered over many years with our clients and completing every job professionally, cleanly, within budget and on time.

What is a bricklayer?

A bricklayer is a someone who works with stone, brick and other material to build houses,walls, footpaths, walkways, borders and other architectural constructions. Bricklayers are also sometimes called a stoneworkers, brickmasons or blocksmen.A bricklayer has many roles in the construction industry. For brick and other stone to be laid, it most often needs a binding agent. The mortar needs to be mixed and must be of the correct thickness. A bricklayer also spreads the mortar and cleans the bricks in advance of it being laid. Another very important part of being a bricklayer is knowing how to restore and clean old brickwork. This procedure usually involves cleaning, scrapping and sometimes repairing cracks in the mortar.

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